4 things I drink every morning!

1. Lemon water

It’s a must for me to drink water in the morning. To flush out the toxins, reduce puffiness, waking up my body and just hydrate my body overall.

Here are a few benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning:
– It makes your body alkaline
– It promotes hydration
– It’s a good source of Vitamin C
– It supports weight loss
– It improves your skin quality
– It aids digestion
– It helps prevent kidney stones

*Note: If you have iron deficiency, take your iron pills with lemon water in the morning. You will make a drastic difference! – Thank me later! 🙂

2. Green smoothie

Green smoothies are great for your body to have all the nutrients you need. Especially drinking it first thing in the morning. My “Wake me up” smoothie” is one of the simple smoothies to make in the morning. Fruits and vegetables are so good for your body. However, you want to be mindful of the sugar content in your smoothies.

Having a green smoothie in the morning increases your fruits and vegetable consumption. It helps your digestion, hydration, suppresses appetite, clears your skin, improves your mood, and helps fight depression and promotes weight loss and other great benefits for our bodies.
You will keep so much healthier, adding this to your morning routine.

3. Water

Just to push down the smoothie! Lol
We all know what water is essential for you health.

4. Coffee or Non-Caffeinated Tea

Coffee used to have the second position in this list. Drinking coffee first thing in the morning can be harmful to take on an empty stomach. It increases the production of stomach acid. It can be irritating to some and can create gut health issues. Therefore, I now have my cup of coffee after my fruits and vegetables. I will usually make my Go-to morning coffee or just a regular coffee or at times, I will drink a non-caffeinated tea.

Hope you’ll incorporate these into your morning routine!
Génika Jo

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