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The skin is the largest organ in our body. Here’s why we must love the skin we are in! Approximately two to four kilos (or four to eight pounds) of dead skin cells rub off each day, covering one to two square meters (9 to 36 square feet) and renewing itself about every seven to ten weeks.

Our skin reflects our state of health and biological age, appearing soft and smooth when well-cared for, or dry and flaky when neglected. We must take care of our skin if we want to have beautiful, soft, youthful-looking skin. When caring for our skin, it’s essential that we pay attention to the part of our body that everybody sees – our face, neck and decolletage.

Your diet the first thing you should look into when it comes to skincare. Experts say that many diseases are related to skin conditions: skin irritations might include breakouts, skin sensitivity, redness, signs of aging, and more. Everything starts in your gut!

We should always determine our skin type before applying products to the delicate skin on our face.

Normal and combination skin
· Slight oily sheen in the T-zone area
· Drier cheek area
· Occasional pimples and spots

Dry, dehydrated, sensitive skin
· Fine, dry lines around the eyes and mouth, dehydration lines on fact
· Cheek area is dull, dry and taut
· Skin that’s very sensitive to sun, wind and pollution

Oily skin
· Oil sheen in T-zone area and on cheeks
· Enlarged pores and blackheads evident
· Frequent pimples and spots

So, how can you help keep your skin looking and feeling young?

Make sure you do the following:

1. Have a daily intake of two liters of water, including 2-3 glasses with high-quality aloe extract
2. Enjoy a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables
3. Try to have sound, restful sleep
4. Practice a daily skincare regime using high-quality products that suit your skin type
5. Take a high-quality supplementation programme, including vitamins & minerals supplements.
6. Take a brisk walk in the fresh air every day
7. Keep stress levels to a minimum and have a happy attitude to life in general
8. Wear sunscreen everyday!

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The following daily practices will have a detrimental long term effect on the skin:

1. Inadequate daily water intake
2. Poor nutrition, junk food
3. Lack of sleep
4. Stress
5. Prescribed drugs
6. Excess coffee and tea
7. Alcohol consumption
8. Smoking
9. Excess exposure to sunlight, or cold, wet, windy weather
10. Central heating and air conditioning

Remember, we all have different skin types. The importance is to know how to treat it.

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