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Hello everyone,

Is it too late to say Happy New Year?

Welcome or welcome back to my blog! I missed blogging!
Can you believe it’s already March?! Where did the time go?

Anyway, happy new year, everyone! I wish you all the best in the new year! How have you been? I hope you’re still remaining consistent with your goals! As for me, I think I am, lol. Based on my answer, you can tell January was rough, lol.

I’m all about skincare, wellness, and non-toxic living, however, this blog post will be a little more personal. 2023 has been a wild ride, but I survived! Here’s a little update.

Since launching my skincare business, Aisance Nétive, I’ve been putting a lot of energy into growing the brand and looking forward to expanding. So, if you’re not already, please make sure to follow our Instagram and TikTok pages. Aisance Nétive was born in the thick of the pandemic in 2021. It is a handmade skincare company, made with 100% natural and clean ingredients. My goal with this brand is to educate people on the importance of using products made with elements of nature and showing them that they actually work. You don’t need harsh chemicals for a product to be effective. Clean beauty or slow beauty’s goal is to provide you long-lasting results.

You can read more about how I started the brand on the blog post “I finally gave birth! Meet my newborn.”

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I’ve been consistent with my workouts, but would I gain weight even though I was eating clean!!! Can you imagine?! There were a few culprits: stress, anxiety, lack of sleep (I’m currently writing this blog post at 11:49 PM… I’m working on my sleeping), undereating, and overdrinking! Yup! Instead of having a proper dinner, I would skip my dinner and have a few glasses of wine. My love for wine was hindering my health. Can you imagine the calories? So there was no way I would achieve my fitness results.

I decided to take my health seriously this time around. I needed to know my food intolerances. My friend told me about this chiropractic doctor with a kinesiologist approach. I booked my appointment and had my first consultation. I took the food sensitivity test, and here were my intolerances: lactose (which I already knew, but was holding onto cheese), gluten, and COFFEE! Mind you, I’m the one who would drink a cup of coffee every single morning! This made everything so much clearer! I now know what to focus on in 2024. The chiropractor also insisted on the importance of my sleep. I made a conscious effort to cut out my intolerances and started sleeping a little earlier in January, and I was able to lose 3 pounds! A win is a win!

Sleep was the number one thing I had to work on. If you have difficulties sleeping, here are 11 ways to improve your sleep. Additionally, I read “The Circadian Code: Lose Weight, Supercharge Your Energy, and Transform Your Health from Morning to Midnight” by Dr. Satchin Panda, and IT CHANGED MY LIFE! I highly recommend reading it. I’m looking forward to improving my health in 2024! The book is linked below.

Personally, I believe that as Christians, we cannot grow without being part of a community. The year 2023 marked a period of transition for me. I found myself needing to make some changes in my spiritual life – including changing church after over 15 years in the same place. The turmoil I experienced internally during this process was indescribable. Only God truly knows the depth of my struggle. It involved countless prayers, deep reflection, tears, and relentless questioning. How would I manage? What would people think? What would my pastor and leaders say? Would I be perceived as the black sheep? But what if it’s time? Ultimately, I had to make the difficult decision to move on. While it wasn’t easy, I felt it was time for me to explore new paths. And so, here I am! Starting over in a new church. Building a new community, de-programming certain things and reprogramming others. Yet, still trusting God. Please note, this is MY journey. 

What’s to come
I’m looking forward to growing my socials. Instagram, TikTok and Youtube. I haven’t been consistent on YouTube at all… I took a 5-6 months break. By the time you’re reading this blog, I would’ve uploaded my comeback video. Click here to watch it. As I’m explaining in that video, I haven’t seen the growth that I’m looking for; therefore, it gets discouraging, especially when you know that YouTube videos require a LOT of hours. Of course, consistency is key. It’s the only secret to growth. If you’re not already, make sure to subscribe to my channel here.

I’m looking forward to amazing things this year, and if things don’t go as planned, I know that God is still in control. Feel free to leave your comments or thoughts below.

Génika Jo

The Circadian Code: Lose Weight, Supercharge Your Energy, and Transform Your Health from Morning to Midnight
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