How to transition into a clean lifestyle: Steps to an easy transition to clean beauty!

Clean beauty is an industry that is growing. People are a lot more conscious about their health and the products they use. A lot of these people are seeking to find alternatives to their favourite products.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. The products we use everyday matter. Over time, the toxins accumulate in our bodies; ever since I found that information, I’ve been passionate about and researching the best non-toxic products for the past several years.

Before transitioning, ask yourself, “Why am I transitioning,” once you have the answer to your question, it will be easy to make the change and keep the focus. You don’t have to jump ahead directly with swapping your skincare and makeup products right away. Transitioning can be costly and overwhelming. But trust me, it is worth it!

Here are some steps for an easier transition:


  1. Research, research, research! Learn to read labels. It’s the best way to learn about ingredients.
  2. Empty the products you have! No waste! These products cost you money. You can start by swapping one product at a time. For example, in your skincare routine, you can initially swap your moisturizer and gradually your cleanser and sunscreen. For your makeup, you can begin with your mascara and lip products to eventually trade your foundation, etc. Mascara is close to your eyes, and you want to avoid having dangerous substances around that area. The same goes for your lips. Believe it or not, we do eat a little, if not a lot, of our lip products though out the day!
  3. Know what works for your skin. Because a product is popular doesn’t mean that it will work for you. You will be saving a lot of money…also, because a product is expensive doesn’t mean that it’s more effective. Trust me!
  4. Start with your body care! Baby steps. If the thought of swapping all your beauty products sounds overwhelming, you can start with your shower gel and body moisturizer. The best options for body moisturizers are Olive oil and Coconut oil. These are two effective and affordable oils.

Swapping your clean beauty may seem overwhelming, but it’s worth it. You will discover new products that you’ll love.

Génika Jo

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