DIY Easy Vegan Leather Shoe Balm

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I recently purchased Vegan Leather boots. I had to clean them without the possibility of ruining them. Also, I didn’t want to purchase a shoe balm, so I decided to make my own since I had most of the ingredients at home. Shoe balms help to restore the colour of your shoe, to seal and protect your shoe.

Here’s my quick and simple DIY formulation!

¼ cup Soy Wax
¼ cup Cocoa butter
2 tbsp Olive Oil
½ tbsp Activated Charcoal *Optional
3-5 Drops of Lavender oil (or any preservative EO)

In a double boiler, add all your ingredients. Let all the ingredients melt. Put the mixture in a jar and let it cool down.

Wipe your shoe with a humid cloth. Once in a solid-state, take a small amount with a dry clean cloth and rub it on your shoe.

And Voilà! You’ll have nice, clean and shiny shoes. 

*Always do a test patch first.
* The Activated Charcoal is Optional. Use it for black shoes or black textures shoes to avoid white residues.

I hope this recipe was helpful.

Love xoxo
Génika Jo

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